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Overall Length



1.There is a need for a monitoring system that allows real-time monitoring of both ships and crew members to prevent incidents such as unauthorized entry or exit.

2.There is a need for a smart solution that can assist in swift and safe berthing operations.

[After Adopting NAVISS]

1.The system enables real-time and automated monitoring of objects around the ship and crew member movements. With alerts for potential hazards, it enhances overall safety during navigation.
(Since the installation of NAVISS, the accident rate has remained at 0%)

2.Providing information about the remaining distance to the berth, as well as distances to ships around the vessel, facilitates quicker and safer berthing operations in congested port waters.

· Fishery Monitoring Vessel Operator Company A, Team Manager OO
“It can be difficult for workers to manually measure the distance to the berth, but now that it's automatic, our work environment has improved."
"It seems like a technology that most ships will use in the future."

※ This case is based on true events.

[An Innovative AI Solution that Ensures the Safety of Both Ships and Crew, NAVISS]

NAVISS uses modular sensors to construct an around-view image of the ship.
It enhances the ship operator’s awareness of surrounding dangers, assists during navigation in high-risk collision areas such as ports and narrow waterways in real time.

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