Enhances the safety of ship.

Ships face a variety of situations in coastal waters, channels, and when approaching ports. Ship workers become preoccupied with monitoring for undetected objects in the ship’s proximity that are not covered by radar or AIS. NAVISS provides an around-view of the ship’s surroundings, monitors the waters, and reduces the risk of collisions by alerting of obstacles or risks.


Sensor modules with embedded AI computing processors are installed on the vessel. These can be installed anywhere electricity can be supplied to and are positioned optimally to provide an around view. Collected data is transmitted to the user in real-time.

List of Product No. 41112801-24022270
Model Name SxNV100A-CM
Dimensions 653 x 662 x 554 (mm, W x D x H)
Power Consumption 220 W
Weight 26 kg
Input Power DC 24V
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