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 Seadronix's AI technology-based ship control system allows ships to safely follow their desired destinations and routes, taking into account the condition of the vessel as well as the sea obstacles. Completed with a variety of learning data, the technology makes both cost-efficient and safe. 

Sea needs to be Safer

When a marine accident occurs, its result is brutal. The repairing fee is big and even cost lives.

The collision accident happened in Yeosu port, Korea, in 2014 resulted in $ 3500 M. of repairing cost. The accident in the Arab Emirates in 2017 made 10 injuries. According to the statistical study from the British insurance company, three-quarters of marine accidents caused by human error.

Marine accidents are not only a matter of safety but also a matter of our employees' life qualities. These brutal results raise labor costs due to the avoidance phenomenon which makes harder to hire new workers and burdens the existing employees. As a solution, the unmanned ship and the technological aids to prevent those human errors are necessary.

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Seadronix aims to develop an AI-powered autonomous navigation system.  As the first step to our vision, we conducted the Berthing monitoring system, which reduces the risk when the ship is approaching the port. It is considered as the critical interaction point where the ship encounters the most obstacles. The judgment on the distance between land the traffic density is the most crucial for the process. This system remedies the existing obstacle sensors and reduces the tiredness of the pilot and human error. And as a result, it reduces the possibility of the collision during the berthing process. In the process of developing the product, our team collaborates with the pilot and the Port Authority staff. 

Based on the obstacle recognition technology development, we plan to mount our product directly onto the ship as the around-view monitoring system for maritime. And the third step, the AI-powered complete autonomous navigation system will be developed based on the collected data and technology.




Seadronix's core technologies have three major processes: the marine environment recognition, ensemble sensor fusion, and data enhancement. Technologies enhance accurate and reliable data. Our system recognizes and analyzes the marine environment through sensors. The system detects the obstacles that exist on the sea and can determine the approximate distance. The ensemble of sensor fusion distinguishes the ship from the water and other obstacles. Then, data enhancement processes the data with the generative adversarial network. Our technology with the advanced with the video enhancement technology can cover all the areas that the existing equipment could not provide.


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We are expanding our business both in Korea and in the global market. Korean ports already experiencing our product for the future landscape as a smart port.