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One of the critical the problem of the  existing unmanned ship solution was the cost. 

The sensors that are needed to be mounted on the ship was too expensive and it was impossible for the customers to afford them.

Then, Seadronix solved this issue . We replced these expensive sensors with the vision-based deep learning system. 
And this drop the cost dramatically.



The sensor module is the foundation of Seadronix's AVISS system. Seadronix's deep-learning algorithm extracts the ocean environment in real-time via this module. Seadronix continuously improves the performance and the functionality of our deep learning algorithm in line with our development strategy. Also, the algorithm can be updated without changing the physical sensor module. The module is waterproof, dustproof, and explosion-proof to bare in the harsh marine environments and easy to be installed in various settings.

Product Specs

Dimension(mm)                        142.5 (width) X 135.0 (height) X 169.0 (depth)

Weight                                         2.2 kg
IP Rating                                      IP67

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AVISS mobile

(Around View Intelligent System for Ship)



AVISS is a marine solution that reduces the risk for the berthing process when the ship is closest to the port. Seadronix corporation collaborates with the pilot and the Port Authority staff for developing AVISS the berthing monitoring system. The system remedies the existing obstacle sensors and reduces the tiredness of the pilot and human error. And as a result, it reduces the possibility of the collision during the berthing process.

System Details

Service format                           Mobile

Capabilities                                Obstacle detection, Distance sensing, Smoke detection 

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AVISS Admin system
(Smart Berth Management System)



AVISS administrative system provides a safer and more efficient port management solution. The product monitors the berth point 24-hour and detects any danger, collision, smoke and fire. It alarms the port management corporation automatically, and aids to manage the safety issues without time-loss.

24-hour Berth Monitoring system, Collision detection,            Emergency notification distribution system, Access management

System Details

Service format                           Web


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