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1.There is a need for an advanced solution to improve visibility around WTIVs, as they often face challenges in recognizing objects around the vessel due to the presence of various structures and heavy equipment onboard.

2.There is a need to increase the accuracy of distance measurements between the WTIV and surrounding objects during wind turbine installation operations by introducing new technologies.

[After Adopting NAVISS]

1.The new 360-degree around-view provides a wider field of view than before. Additionally, the automatic recognition of objects around the vessel and the provision of alarms in case of danger ensure safer maneuvering and berthing operations.

2.Distance measurements between the WTIV and surrounding objects can be performed without specialized personnel, enhancing accuracy and improving the efficiency of installation operations.

· WTIV Operator Captain OO
"The distance measurements between the WTIV and surrounding objects was quite challenging, but adding these AI-enabled functions has improved work efficiency."

※ This case is based on true events.

[A Special AI Safety Guard on a Next Generation Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel, NAVISS]

NAVISS uses modular sensors to construct an around-view image of the ship.
It enhances the ship operator’s awareness of surrounding dangers, assists during navigation in high-risk collision areas such as ports and narrow waterways in real time.

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